Getting to that point where I wanna come out to my mum! Dunno how I’d do it!!!!

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People who actually buy music from iTunes.

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turns out a creampie isn’t a pastry and the internet is a disgusting place

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Anonymous said:

actingdelusionaleigh has openly said that the rape of an 8 year old boy is okay because it doesn't warrant a rape charge in the country where is occurred (it counts as molestation though). Please do not defend them - they deserve everything they get.

Erm what?????? What the hell you talking about who are you ????????


i swear, sometimes i just want to quit this website because of how ignorant some people are

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friend: “i can only bring one friend. wanna go?” 



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i’ve looked into the eye of this island and what i saw was beautiful

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if ur gonna be a producer and ur thinking about having a dog die in ur movie, u need to not be a producer

I’m writing a story and I made the dog in it immortal because I killed off every other character

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